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Kryvaline Body Art Makeup

PK Frisbee Stencils B4

PK Frisbee Stencils B4

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What are the dimensions of this Frisbee Face Painting Stencil?

Frisbee Stencils are made of flexible Mylar which is 25mm thick.  They are about 5 x 5 inches / 13 x 13 cm. Size may vary a little depending on the stencil style.


The new innovative Frisbee stencils have a variety of designs on each stencil. They are easy to keep organized and easy to use! Some designs are perfect for crowns and necklaces, while others are perfect animal print textures, graffiti eyes and for cheek art.  Rotate the stencil around the face to put the designs exactly where you want them.  

How do I use PK Frisbee Face Painting Stencils?

Face and Body Art stencils require some practice to learn how to use them properly, but once you learn how to use them you can get through your face painting line much faster! Start with a clean stencil and make sure that the skin is nice and dry before you apply it, otherwise the face paint will look runny. Apply the Frisbee Stencil against the skin and hold it firmly using the tabs provided, your fingers should always be close to the area you are painting. Apply the face paint in a stippling motion until all of the spaces are filled with paint. Carefully pull the stencil away from the skin. Rotate the stencil around the face to put the designs exactly where you want them. 

Some professional face painters store them using a snap ring and putting them in an area of their kit where they won’t get damaged. You can also store them inside a page protector book or file folder case to separate them and make them easier to find. Many artists stick tiny pieces of Velcro on one tab and let them hang from a Velcro strip in their kit, or use the holes to hang them on a peg/pin board.


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