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Kryvaline Body Art Makeup

Black Sponges High Density Round 20 Pieces 40 Half Moon for Face and Body Painting

Black Sponges High Density Round 20 Pieces 40 Half Moon for Face and Body Painting

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  • This set has 20 pieces of medium black sponges. Kryvaline Black Art Sponges developed by professional face and body artists.The texture and consistency is ideal for human skin especially for children. They feel extremely soft and gentle when used for face and body painting.
  • The high quality of Kryvaline sponges are demonstrated by their even density without holes or pores on the surface and inside. The high density allows the sponges hold their shapes for easy application when they are wet and loaded with paint.
  • While some sponges claims that they are very absorbent. Kryvaline black round sponges are moderately absorbent, therefore they can pickup enough paint and at the same time there is no waste of paint that are absorbed into the sponges and finally washed away.
  • The black color are designed to hide the ugly residues from paints, although sponges are thoroughly washed, stains always make them look very unpleasant over time and this could embarrass artists and doesn't look professional. Kryvaline proudly solved the problem so these black sponges are a must in your face painting kit.
  • Kryvaline black sponges are not only for face painting, they are wonderful tools for other art work such as watercolor, clay, pottery etc. Kryvaline offer money back guarantee, if they are not the type of sponges you are looking for, you can return them for a full refund



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