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Kryvaline Body Art Makeup

Airbrush Ink Black 100ml

Airbrush Ink Black 100ml

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Kryvaline Airbrush Inks are a waterproof make-up that are specially formulated to spray smoothly through an airbrush. The ink can also be hand-painted onto the skin. They are pre-mixed and, once applied to the skin, dry within seconds. Kryvaline Airbrush inks are long-lasting and durable, and, if used correctly, they last six to 10 days depending on skin type. Our black ink is the most popular color used for temporary tattoos.

How to use and remove ink from skin?
Clean the skin surface with alcohol before applying ink. Shake your ink well, pour into your airbrush, or a container, and spray onto skin. Set the ink with baby powder.
Use alcohol to remove the ink.

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