What should be included in a starter face painting kit?

What should be included in a starter face painting kit?

There are so many face and body painting supplies or products out in the market that for a face painting newbie or a beginner, it is difficult to decide what to purchase. For most painters, almost half of the items they bought when they first started were useless  when they gained more experience later on.

We recommend the following in a beginner’s kit:

1. The most often used common colors, such as white, black, red, yellow, purple, orange, grey, brown, green and blue.

2. A couple of split cakes for popular designs or art clips (stencils): such as Icy cake for a frozen theme, Lava cake for flames……

3. Brushes including:

  • a flat brush ½ inch and ¾  inch for one stroke cakes
  • round brush #2 and #4
  • a filbert brush ½ inch and
  • a liner brush

4. Black sponges: half-moon sponges and petal sponges in a large size for older children and medium size for smaller children.

5. Iridescent glitters which can be used with any colors.

6. Skin Jewels for girls’ designs.

7. Reusable stencils with common art clips, such as stars, snowflakes, flowers and some textures.

Kryvaline’s face painting starter kit provides all the supplies mentioned above. It was designed and tested by experienced face painters. The kit has received a couple of hundred positive reviews on Amazon already. Check it out!

Other than the above mentioned supplies, you need more items for a face painting job, which include:

  1.  A mirror
  2. Baby wipes
  3. A spray bottle filled with water
  4. Q tips for applying color on lips
  5. Body glue
  6. Napkins
  7. A design display board or a photo album
  8. A brush basin
  9. A garbage bag
  10. Hair pins
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