How to prevent sensitive skin reaction to face and body paint?

How to prevent sensitive skin reaction to face and body paint?

All cosmetic products can cause reactions to sensitive skin, including luxury brand skin care products. No face paint can absolutely guarantee zero reaction on skin, just like no medication is 100% effective for all patients.

 Although Kryvaline face and body makeup is hypo-allergenic, using FDA-compliant ingredients, customers should be aware of how to test and prevent a skin reaction.

 Professional face and body paint such as Kryvaline is only recommended for use on children who are three years old and up. Younger skin might be too tender to easily tolerate the strong pigments in the ingredients.

 For anyone who has sensitive skin, the best approach is to test the product before using it. Apply some white paint onto the elbow and wait for two hours, if no reaction is observed, then the paint should be okay. The reason for choosing white is because this color is the easiest to wash off without any staining, even on very dry skin, so it won’t be difficult to see if there is any sign of rash.

 We recommend that you wash the face and body paint off as soon as the fun part and pictures are done. The longer it is left on the greater the chance a minor skin reaction might occur.

 In the unlikely event a minor skin reaction happens, consider applying a 1% hydrocortisone over-the-counter cream.

 We hope you enjoy Kryvaline body art makeup and happy painting! Let us know what tips you have to prevent sensitive skin reactions.

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