How to enhance your design to an upper level?

How to enhance your design to an upper level?

You have been working hard to make a face painting design using single colors or advanced techniques, such as split cakes, one stroke, or with stencils. To finish it off, you still need a couple of things to enhance your work and make it pop up or add a “wow factor” for your customer.

How to enhance your design depends on the design theme and the child’s gender.

For girls there are many options to choose from, and they can be used individually or combined.

In order to achieve dazzling or sparkling effects, you can use face painting glitter dust spray, chunky glitter gel or glitter cream. If you want to emphasize lines in a design, glitter marks can be applied along the lines. Glitter marks also create a 3D effect for a design.

Boys do not typically want glitter, but they prefer metal tones for superhero designs that can be enhanced using mica powder after or while you paint with metallic or pearly colors. Kryvaline’s mica powder can be mixed with wet paint in the cake containers when you activate the paint. Alternatively, the mica powder can be put on after the design is done but before the paint is dry.

Mica powder also works for girl designs if a jewel or pearly tone is needed for the design.

Skin gem or gem clusters are an essential part for most girls. They can be put on the focal point usually in the center of the forehead. Smaller individual gems can also be put on other parts of a design such as the center of flowers or snow flakes. Gem clusters must be assembled beforehand in order to use them at an event.

Kryvaline offers all the face painting design enhancement products you need. Check them out and use them to achieve better artwork for your face painting designs.



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